Brief Intro

Our ultimate in deburring and debris removal agility, our robotic deburr will let you have your cake and eat it too. Large, medium, and small brush configurations? Check. Long bottle brush for hard to reach locations? Check. Chamfer tool and blow off? Of course. Tool drawer for automated tool change? Naturally. Whether your deburr task is simple or complex, FLT’s robotic deburr is well up to the task.

Technical Details

Customizable Tool Stand
  • Providing organized tool storage our tool stand can be adapted to your process requirements.

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Automated Tool Change
  • Adjustable cycle limits allow the system to automatically change tools, reducing downtime and increasing production rates.

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Missing Brush Error Proofing
  • Sensor control is used to ensure the complete processing of the part.

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Blow Off Option
  • This addition ensures metal chips left from deburring are removed before leaving the cell.

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No Floor Trays
  • Safety is priority. This system is free of floor trays removing all tripping hazards and keeping your workers protected.

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Teach Pendant Accessibility
  • Using modern teach pendant technology this cell allows for easy maintenance access and precision machine setups, while ensuring the safety of your workers.

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Help and Support

Our service team ensures that FLT modules and systems always provide maximum performance. Be it telephone consulting on short notice, rapid replacement parts supply, or installation sets on site, FLT’s service technicians are ready to help with their knowledge, flexibility and reliability.


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