We know what you’re thinking: FLT is not the only automation / process cell supplier around. So why, oh why, would you choose us? In a word, our awesome outstanding over-the-top customer-left-grinning integration support. Okay, that was more than one word, but when you’re as passionate about quality systems as we are, you’ll also struggle to find ways to say how much you love FLT.

But seriously, one of the things that causes FLT’s name to shine among the plethora of other suppliers is our outstanding service. Think about it: What makes a gantry system run like clockwork, or a process cell shine? Yes, it starts with a quality build, but where the rubber hits the road is in experienced quality service people, who are as passionate about perfectly integrating your system as you are.

When you buy a system with FLT, you’re not just buying equipment, you’re getting the 15+ decades of service experience that builds a distinguished system.

If you share our belief that a properly integrated system is more cost-effective than one you have to babysit for years to come, we’d love to have a conversation with you! Reach out below, and one of our sales engineers will be in contact shortly.

We look forward to your message.

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