When you’ve got your eye on more than making a quick sale, the big picture becomes your way of thinking. Along with that mindset comes a methodology to design with the future in mind. To name a few: It’s why our new gantry design uses standardized components and flexible dovetail mounting to provide maximum agility. It’s why our programmers utilize masters programs to standardize software best practices. And, it’s why we always ask for extra sugar on the side with our latte. (You never know when the mood for sweeter will strike.)

Call it confidence, but with every project, we are preparing the way for future expansion. Like the unfinished edge of a puzzle, we polish off our projects with the possibility of future changes in mind. This makes future changes more seamless, with less service downtime and less debug time.

We get it: Everyone’s shopping for the lowest cost product these days. But what works for buying a new Amazon hairdryer for the misses, doesn’t work for industrial application equipment. And with a track record of customers repeatedly coming back to us after being burned by a new flashy low cost supplier, we’ve naturally primed ourselves for return business.

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