FLT can integrate your process and machining operations with the linking of system control units. Increased automation results in increased output and improved quality.

FLT uses its product, solution and process expertise to connect individual processes into complete systems, enabling each process to work at maximum efficiency.

FLT offers a complete range of services, from individual components to turnkey systems. Listed below are some of the options available:

  • Multiple gantries working together.
  • Equipment can use FLT controls or the customers’ controls.
  • Peripheral equipment to fit any requirement, such as buffers, reject chutes and inspection stations.
  • FLT has the people to handle the complete product development process, including project management, construction, simulation, controls and commissioning.
  • We also offer electronic and regulatory certifications, safety technology and certifications, and local compliance certifications.

FLT is proud to be a Fanuc America Authorized System Integrator. Our team of quality robotics engineers are ready to design a turn-key automation solution custom fit for your application. Contact us today.