FLT is a member of the LAEPPLE Group. We share a common mission statement that defines our pillars and describes the common denominator behind a diverse group of companies. It is a promise to all stakeholders that defines how we work, where we devote development resources and the goals we establish.


LAEPPLE is a global group of companies with the mission of delivering innovative, high-performance products and solutions to the industrial market.

Products include forming and body technology, automation equipment, process cells, and tool making.

We devote our wealth of knowledge, talent, and experience to continually prove ourselves to be a reliable partner, dedicated to our customers’ success.


LAEPPLE Group’s focus is to always be an innovative and customer-oriented company, while building our family business, aimed at long-term, sustainable success.

Our collaborative approach continues to set us apart as a leadership supplier and service provider for our customers, among the best in every discipline. Our continued development and integration of smart technologies promotes the digital transformation in production.

Recognizing our employees as the key to success, we strive to bring and keep the best talent by providing great work environments, competitive compensation and ongoing training.

As a global company, our social responsibilities are always top priority.

Laepple Group includes a variety of companies and disciplines, all complementary and essential to each other and the industrial market.

Laepple Automotive is a specialist in sheet metal forming and bodywork construction.

Fibro is the technology leader for standard parts and rotary tables in tool and machine construction.

FLT is automation solutions, increasing the productivity of our customers with our modular, standardized gantry systems and linked system applications.

LAEPPLE is a household name for industrial education and training in Germany. Our extraordinary hands-on training and academic education delivers comprehensive knowledge in both theory and practice, providing top talent to the industry.